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No Bruce for Me

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I'm out of the country for a whole year due to my job. And I'm missing my dog. Of course I miss my kiddos so much, but this is a dog blog and I'll stick to the topic 

Here are things I miss about my dog:

  • The times when I'm going from room to room cleaning and every time I turn around, he's there hanging out with me. 
  • When it's late at night and I'm on my porch having a drink and he's laying on the floor just relaxing. 
  • When I'm busy cooking dinner, helping kids with homework and doing laundry, and I turn to see him just staring at me as if he's wondering when I'm going to relax. 
  • When I'm at the dining table after the kids have gone to bed and I'm writing notes or journaling and he comes over, puts his head on my lap and just stays there knowing it helps both of us feel better if I just pet him for a few minutes. 
  • When I'm lying in bed sick and he lying on the floor beside me all day long. 
  • When we're hiking and the scents excite him so much that his drool hangs from his mouth so much that when he shakes his head it wraps around his muzzle. Yes I miss that too. 
  • When I'm reading a book and he lays on the floor in front of me, sprawled out on his back and looks at me with a crazy face that says "You know you wanna pet my belly."
  • When we go for car rides and he spends the whole time looking out the window and then randomly leans over and licks my face like he's saying "Thank you, this is so fun!"
  • When I'm crying over a breakup and he comes over and licks my face. 
  • When he goes on a puppy run in the house and tries so hard not to crash into things but the hardwood floor doesn't care and he crashes anyway.
  • When the cat slaps him in the face and he looks hurt, then chases the cat.
  • When he lays in bed next to me and looks over at me like, "Ha! You let me on the bed."
  • When he farts in his sleep and wakes himself up. 
  • When he snores like a grown man and it scares me out of sleep
  • When his hips hurt and I rub them for him and he looks so much more relaxed. 
  • And finally, when I catch him stealing food off the table and he walks away slowly, hoping that slow motion movement camouflages him. 

My Bruce

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bruce is 7 years old. He is young, but has bad hips and elbows. It shows when it's cold and his back leg gives out on short walks. But he gets back up, gives me a sweet smile as I rub his hip, and moves on. 

He never complains. He lays on the kitchen floor as I cook dinner. He waits up for me at night when I'm busy studying and he's ready for bed. 

Sometimes he gets a wild hire up his butt and takes off running through the house. He crashes into everything and everyone. He is 95 pounds and sounds like a horse when he does this. The kids scream at him and I just giggle. 

He shares his food with the cat. As long as she doesn't mind sharing hers with him too. 

Bruce loves everyone. I can't think of a single being he doesn't love. He chases squirrels, so I believe he loves them too. In a different way. 

He gets into the trash. So the trash can is now in the garage. If you leave food on the table, he uses his very sneaky skills to make it disappear. 

He chases our ferrets. But they always start it. 

If he accidentally falls out of the house through an open door, he will express his state of confusion by running everywhere and making friends with neighbors. 

I am in the military. I've gone on short tours of duty, worked late nights and moved across states. I could easily give him up in exchange for convenience. But I love my Bruce. He is a family member and my closest friend. I can't imagine life without him. 

Health Problems

Sunday, April 27, 2014

My happy boy needs to get better.
Bruce has been having accidents in our home lately.  And recently over the last few days it's been pretty frequent.  I'd been getting frustrated, wondering why he isn't telling me when he needs to go out.  He's just been urinating in random places at random times.  A couple of days ago I noticed he's been acting more anxious when I take him out.  Last night, I noticed a trail of urine and blood in my bedroom.  I realized he probably has a urinary tract infection (UTI).  So I brought him to the vet's office this morning.

I'd seen UTIs before and they're fairly easy to treat.  Antibiotics for 7-10 days or so and it clears right up.  So although my poor boy was feeling uncomfortable and hurting from a likely UTI, I didn't think too much more of it.  So as directed I dropped him off at the vet's office and awaited the call.

The vet was friendly on the phone, very kind and gentle with her words.  But it was still hard to hear past the shock.  The good news-- no kidney stones showed up on the x-rays.  The bad news?  He has a very high amount of red blood cells and transitional cells, which is consistent in transitional cell carcinoma.  In other words, bladder cancer.  Now, she told me, it doesn't mean he has it.  But it's a good possibility and I have to make sure I follow up with her after a week of antibiotics.  Our hope is that this all turns out to be just a bladder infection and that it clears up with the medication.  If not, we're doing an ultrasound.

How's that for news?  Either my 6 year old dog has a bladder infection.  Or he has cancer.  He's been under my bed all day except if he's outside peeing drips of pain.  He was a good sport taking his medication.  He gave me kisses and looked at me with big puppy eyes.  I can't help but feel afraid.  I'm hoping so much that it's just a bladder infection.

I guess all I can do for now is give him his meds, pray and wait.

Sigh - The Price of Dog Ownership

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For the first time ever, I slipped in the snow as I was about to pick up dog poop.  Yay for firsts.

It's only 27 degrees out, but there is still snow out from our below-freezing weather a few days ago.  I took Bruce out as usual.  While he was busy sniffing around, I saw a bunch of dog poop and immediately became disgusted.  The poop was three feet away from the poop bags and can.  How rude!  

So I watched as Bruce did his business and then another dog owner came out.  His pretty yellow lab started barking at Bruce.  As his owner tried to hush him, Bruce (in mid-poop) started barking back.  When he was done, I grabbed a poop bag and made my way toward his mess.  Bruce had other things in mind besides waiting for me like he normally does.

He took off on zoomies, his butt tucked in and his head up high.  I called for him to come and he did, but I was already leaning into the lead and when he loosened it as he ran toward me, my foot went out from beneath me and I landed flat on my butt.  Right next to his mess.  Close one.

I looked up to see if the other dog owner was around to witness it, but to my relief he had already gone.  So I stood up, my hands all wet from the snow, and picked up the mess.

As I walked Bruce back home, I couldn't help but giggle.  I actually fell in the snow right next to the poop.  Gross.


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